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Finding Momentum: Your Purpose as a Rock Climber

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

So what do you climb for? In the 8 years that I’ve been a rock climber, I have asked myself that very question, repeatedly and consistently. For fun? For fitness? The social aspect and its community? My own answer has evolved over the years. Initially, I fell in love with climbing for the problem solving aspect and adrenaline rush. That still applies, but sometimes, it can be a matter of who as well. Do you climb for yourself or for others? For me, it’s equally both. I aim to not only improve upon my own techniques and skill set that builds up my climbing arsenal but to inspire other like-minded individuals to do the same. And during this time, you eventually ask yourself, “How can I be better?”

Yes, we all have the tendency to grade chase, to progress higher to new levels. But in the end, we all plateau and inevitably fall at some point. Along these lines, we’ll encounter obstacles to overcome or a challenge that questions our abilities. The trajectory can remain positive, but the setbacks will always be there; Difficult cruxes and moves just not within our wingspan. How is this possible? Why am I not strong enough? Do I have the power? Am I enough?

But, you are. A warrior worthy of everything and every single ounce of it. You have the potential. All you have to do is commit. At the heart of this battle are the challenges that cross our paths. There are even times when you must set aside the fun and games in order to make the progress you want in life. But hell, if you can do both at the same time, more power to you. Here’s to breaking our mental barriers and committing to the moves that push us forward as climbers and human beings, as a whole. Let’s be “beta” and keep this momentum going together, shall we?

Photos by: Kat Ambrose & Ian Clayman

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