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Low Gravity Co: How it all started!

A lot of people see our apparel and ask, “who prints your shirts?” To which we respond, “WE DO!” We design and print each and every shirt by hand, and have no intention of making shirts any other way. Yes, it definitely takes a lot of time and effort, but it adds a personal touch that we aren’t willing to sacrifice.

Before a month ago, we didn’t know what screen printing was. We were both solidly set on making shirts so we started obsessively watching videos on screen printing online, and reading forums and articles nonstop. The next thing you know, we had bought all the equipment and supplies to do it ourselves and were ready to start producing our own. Our attitude has always been, let's worry about the details later, and figure out the big picture now. Our confidence was high, and we blazed forward and attempted to recreate what we had seen and read about online.

Believe it or not, the first few attempts at creating a decent screen went… well horribly. All of the technique that you learn to hone over time was non-existent. Our timing was off, our brightness was off, our exposure distance was off, our coating thickness was off, our water pressure was off, we went in blind and it showed. We even created a few screens on the wrong side of the mesh, but we were not deterred. We went ahead and started creating the website and opening our online store, because we had no doubt that we would figure it out! Another week went by and we were now an official LLC, which was exciting news on its own, but we eventually tweaked and fine-tuned all of the miscellaneous settings to create our first successful screen and T-shirt print, which then immediately washed out in the washer because we hadn’t thoroughly figured out the heating and curing process for the inks.

(One of the First Successful Screens)

Screen printing is a tricky process, and we have made a lot of mistakes, but that only ensures that we have really nailed this process down. The products that we sell on our website now are of excellent quality. We worked out all the little issues and scrapped a boatload of shirts, so that we could sell only the shirts that we want to proudly display our logo on.

To those that have already purchased some of our apparel, thank you so much, it means the world to us, and know that a lot of hard work, and tears, and frustration, went into making that shirt. To those who haven’t, they are great shirts! We only print on ethically sourced fabric, and everybody who has worn it raves about how soft and comfortable it is. We are trying to establish a community, and that all starts with you!

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