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Tinkerbell Secret Of The Wings Full Movie In Hindi




tinkerbell full movie in hindi tinkerbell full movie in hindi Tinkerbell's Secret is an animated film based on the classic fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, which was made by Walt Disney Productions. In the film, the characters of The Little Mermaid's friends, Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and her boyfriend, Eric, are portrayed as barnacle-shaped characters. The film's plot focuses on the relationship between Ariel and Eric, and how Eric proposes to her. In the film, Eric and Ariel's romantic relationship is contrasted with the loss of Eric's voice when he was a baby. Ariel, despite being friends with Eric, is tempted by the prince of the neighboring kingdom of Atlantica. Atlantica's prince, Prince Eric, wants to take her as his bride, much to the dismay of the other Atlantica's inhabitants, as well as the Sea King, who rules the entire kingdom. Tink is Ariel's tinkerbell secret of the wings full movie in hindi friend, and an expert in making such things. Tinkerbell is able to make a magic scented perfume from every color of the rainbow. When she mixes different colored scents, each scent becomes a color and the mixed scent becomes a rainbow. Ariel and Eric are joined together by Tink and the Rainbow Fairy, but when the Fairy is kidnapped by Atlantica's prince, Ariel is forced to stop him from marrying her. The villain vows to take Ariel's voice away if she doesn't marry him. When Eric and Ariel both try to save the Fairy, Ariel falls into the sea, and it takes a miracle for her to be saved. Tink is no longer able to make the scented perfume, but the Sea King revives her with the rain. Tink tells Ariel and Eric of an escape route to another country where they will be safe from Prince Eric and the magic water. Before they leave, she gives Eric his voice back, and helps Ariel to get hers. During the journey, they fall into the same dangerous sea creatures' sea and are captured. The villain uses the Sea King's magic to put Eric under a spell, and gives Ariel the choice of marrying him or losing her voice. She chooses to lose her voice in order to save Eric. During the lovemaking, Ariel confesses her feelings for Eric and they start to drift apart as their voices are taken away. When the villain, now transformed into a beast, escapes, he is then captured by Ariel and Eric. Before Eric




Tinkerbell Secret Of The Wings Full Movie In Hindi
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